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霊源院の限定ライトアップ/Illumination at Reigenin Temple

少し前になりますが、11月14日、#霊源院 の一日限定夜間拝観へ出かけました。

A bit ago on November 14th, I visited #Reigenin Temple for the only one night illumination.

霊源院 / Reigenin


Tabinomushi previously introduced Reigenin in summer and with beautiful fresh green. This time was autumn, and incredibly beautiful and still with the night-light up. (The previous link)

霊源院 / Reigenin


There the monk told me an interesting stories.


"Maintaining the status quo means going backwards." "Buddhism is not only to preserve what it has to be." "I believe Buddhism should seek for something new."


From his words, what is called "Ku" of Buddhist idea came to my mind. I'd like to share this idea someday though it would be the my span of understanding.


Reigenin Temple is very eager to challenge something new but what is nice is that it isn't conflicted against teaching of Buddhism, rather, it matches.

霊源院 / Reigenin


How about thinking of adding to your list of visit to be relaxed.

霊源院 / Reigenin

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