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妙満寺の桜/Cherry blossoms at Myomanji Temple

岩倉にある、#妙満寺 を訪問しました。

I visited #Myomanji Temple in Iwakura area.

妙満寺と比叡山 / Myomanji and Mt. Hiei


The famous features here are its garden called "yuki-no-niwa (Garden of Snow)" and the view of Mt. Hiei from the main hall.

妙満寺雪の庭 / Myomanji garden


The main purpose of this visit was to see a weeping cherry tree.


Surprisingly on this day, they did a trial of a night light up.

妙満寺しだれ桜 / Myomanji cherry blossom


Myomanji houses a famous bell with a legendary story (a bit horrible if I dare to say).


Please visit the past post if you'd like to read it.


Many of other trees are not blooming yet, so here it seems you can enjoy cherry blossoms for a long period.

妙満寺の桜 / Myomanji cherry blossom

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