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夏越の祓(なごしのはらえ)①/June 30th Is Very Special: Nagoshi-no-harae①


In June, you may see this unique circle made by straw in Kyoto here and there.

夏越の祓 / nagoshinoharae

半年のけがれをはらう #夏越の祓 (なごしのはらえ)のために用意されたものです。

It is for a day called #Nagoshinoharae, an event for purification at the end of a half year.


June 30th is a very special day. This day exactly fell on the end of a half year.


Thanking that we survived a half year and wishing a safety and a healthy life, we appreciate the day and moving on towards July 1st.


Indeed in Kyoto, July 1st is the start of Gion Festival lasting until the end of July.

#祇園祭 も、元々は疫病はらいのために始まりました。(参照)

#GionFestival originally started to get pandemic away from our daily life. (cf: previous post)


Unfortunately the most famous ceremony, the float parade is not held this year due to COVID, but still some other important religious ceremonies are going to be done.


Please think of the day, June 30th is very important to Japanese culture and keep it in mind.

夏越の祓 / nagoshinoharae

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