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北野天満宮と牛/Kitanotenmangu And Cows

菅原道真を祀り、境内に牛の像がたくさんある #北野天満宮

#Kitanotenmangu has plenty of cows statues and worships a historical person, Sugawara-no-Michizane, as a deity.


Cow statues are not just in this Kitanotenmangu Shrine, but all shrines with the name or tittle of tenmangu all over Japan.


It is because the stories and relationships between Michizane and cows are the inevitable.


One is that when he was sent far away from Kyoto to Fukuoka, he said as his last word to people to bury his body at the location where a cow pulling his coffin stopped. They followed him, and the cow suddenly stopped moving on the street.


Then people thought that it was the place where the owner wanted to be sleep forever.


Because at the time the cow was sitting down, cows at Tenmangu are also sitting

as if relaxed.


Also, Michizane was born and passed away both in the year of cow (ox) according to Chinese zodiac.


This is what is thier relations, cow, Michizane and tenmangu, three could not be separated.



Plum starts blooming in such a cold weather. Plum in Tenmangu shrine is also a keyword. Please check this article about plum at this shrine also.

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